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Through its structure the shoulder joint allows for a wide range of movement. The shoulder therefore becomes easily subjected to body stress. Long term body stress may cause the joint to become “frozen”, whereby its mobility is severely restricted.

The elbows, wrists and hands are often subjected to jarring, twisting or repetitive strain.  Pain and stiffness may be experienced or tingling and numbness.

Tension that is locked into the hip joint may result in restricted mobility, a sharp jabbing pain in the joint, or an ache when walking or dancing.

The knee joint is subjected to a great deal of strain daily as it bears the body’s weight while giving mobility to the person.

The nerve supply to the legs and feet originate from the spinal nerves of the lower back.  It is therefore vital that body stress in the lower lumbar region be regularly released.  Often pain, stiffness or numbness in the legs or feet is a result of compression in the lower back.