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This page is where I post snippets of BSR related news,  share client comments and joyous news of restored health victories and place photos that I like.



Come see me at the Mindmark Mind-Body-Spirit Expo on

7th May 2017 in Magaliesburg from 9am-3pm.


Make it a lovely family outing on Sunday 7th May 2017. There are food stalls and a play area for children. Plan your day by following the links below.

**Please keep your ticket so that you can claim your R50-00 discount off your next BSR appointment.**



 Go to www.mindmarkworld.com to view the other ‘Speakers’ and ‘Exhibitors’ under Expo 2017.

 Go to https://www.google.co.za/maps/@-25.953352,27.5351733,17z?hl=en for location. 

The Expo is being held directly opposite the Black Horse Brewery & Restaurant. 

You will see the Metal man out the front of the Mindmark Centre. 


Buy your tickets online http://www.quicket.co.za/events/26393-mindmark-mind-body-spirit-expo/#/

 Look forward to seeing you there.  You will find us near the Eating area in the centre of the venue.





Stay amazed, have fun, be inspired.

Client Comments 2012:

‘My mouth is not that dry any more and the pain in my neck has subsided‘ - 60 year old who has been suffering from a dry mouth due to stress caught up in her shoulders and neck.

‘My angel has come back to us‘ - A happy mother commenting about her 14 month old daughter who was crying non-stop and not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time because of pain in the baby's lower back.

‘I have not felt this pain-free for such prolonged periods in about 7 years‘ -
30-something professional person
who has been suffering from neck and shoulder pain.

Client Comments 2011: 

‘I woke up and realised that it is great to be alive. I wanted to be part of life again.‘ - 46 year old who has been suffering from stress induced by her career in the corporate world.

‘I have been sleeping better.  I do not have to take pills to help me sleep and I feel more refreshed in the mornings.’ – 50 year old client suffering from a debilitating and painful condition.

‘My hot flushes are not as ‘hot’ anymore and they are less frequent.’ – 59 year old client with general stress.  [Two months later] ' I do not fight with everybody anymore.'


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