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Lourentia Tonkin

I attended the BSR Academy in Rondevlei on the Garden Route in South Africa in 2011.  This is the only place in the world that offers the BSR training. People from all over the world have come to Rondevlei to spend 5 months training fulltime at the Academy.

During 2009 when the pressure of my career,  which required many hours of computer work daily,  started taking its toll on my health I came across Jean Holman (BSR Practitioner in Little Falls).  After a number of releases many of my stress symptoms had disappeared.

Prior to visiting Jean I was petrified of having to have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.  I could not sleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch before I had to turn and toss because of the discomfort in my body and pins and needles in my arms and hands.  I was absolutely exhausted and had great difficulty remembering things.

After sitting for a while I could not stand up straight and walk off.  I shuffled bent over supporting myself with my arms on my thighs before I could straighten up and walk ‘normally’.

Undergoing Body Stress Release re-awakened in me a desire I had had to become a complementary health practitioner.  The BSR qualification is a perfect fit because of the thorough training,  the professional status of the qualified practitioners and because BSR works as a complementary technique with other health professions.

I thank my friends and family for their support and love during this life changing journey. I invite you to dream again about a stress free body that moves fluidly with no pain.  Join me with Body Stress Release on a journey back to health where your body’s stress has been unlocked and it regains its vitality through its self healing capacity.

Lourentia Tonkin

Practice Address:

Available in the Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Available to private clients at my practice room either in Rivonia, Sandton or in Douglasdale

Phone: +2783 289 7729

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