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Welcome to BSR for Renewed Life! This is the website of Lourentia Tonkin about her Body Stress Release Practice.

Imagine this – a body free of pain and stiffness; a body that moves fluidly and with grace.  Do you long for mobility that is the epitome of a healthy body? Do you yearn for a day during which you do not have to deal with constant pain? Then you have come to the right website.  Body Stress Release may be able to assist your body to release stress that has built up over time and which is causing unexplained pains and hampering your movement.

Our bodies have the wonderful ability to heal themselves,  but due to mechanical , emotional / mental or chemical stress that has become locked into our bodies – this ability for self healing is compromised. The Body Stress Release practitioner will locate and release stored tension of your muscles,  thus assisting and improving the communication of your nervous system and in this way encouraging your body to heal itself.

Body Stress Release does not involve diagnosis or treatment of any condition and does not replace medical care. Please read further and make contact with a Practitioner in your area.